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News CALATEM CALATEM is a new developed high quality, very pure and very bright, surface coated Calcium Carbonate. This treatment increases it's affinity with synthetic resins and considerably improves mixture quality. CALATEM is also defined by a very low oil absorption. It allows also, to fill compounds at very high levels. CALATEM contains various particular characteristics which lead among other to the following advantages: Higher Productivity per Hour thanks to Improved Mixture Quality; Fast Drying Time; High Viscosity/ Flexibility; Thanks to these specific properties CALATEM is mainly used in: Plasticized PVC Soft & rigid PVC PVC for coating Polyethylene (PE) Polypropylene (PP) Industrial & Anticorrosive Paints Adhesives/ (Silicone) Sealants Polyester Putties & Cements These particular characteristics improve the quality and lower the costs of the relating finished product. Thanks to these properties CALATEM is used among other in PE- Compounds (for example in the production of Shopping Bags), Plastic Window (and Door) Profiles, Sealants, Putties and Concretes. For more detailed technical information, as well as Technical Data Sheets, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department.