Lithos Association is exclusive supplier and distributor for following partners and manufacturers.

Provencale SA
Leading European manufacturer producing Calcium Carbonate under the brand names of among other MIKHART and CRISCAL, for application in paints, inks, plastics, paper, sealants, glues, adhesives, construction concretes, feed, food and pharma et cetera.

Linagro NV

Major European manufacturer and crusher of linseed and Rapeseed Oil. The most important types of Linseed Oil are Crude or Raw Linseed Oil, Refined Linseed Oil and (Double) Boiled Linseed Oil.

Coventry Chemicals UK

Leading European manufacturer of a complete range of high quality Disinfectants for customers in the domestic, industrial, hospital, animal health and agricultural sectors. Well-known disinfectants are such as
- Black disinfectant concentrates CREOLIN and CRESOLOX

Novochem Group Fertilizer Additives

Prominent Dutch company which produces and develops additives for the fertilizer industry such as:
- Anti-Caking Agents / Anti-Moisture Agents (NovoFlow)
- Corrosion Inhibitors (NovoCor)oDedusting Agents (NovoDust)