For the Plastics Industry we are pleased to be able to offer various White pigments, Extenders, Fillers/Extenders, Colour Pigments, Solvents, Metal Soaps, Plasticizers and Commodities such as:

• White Pigments
  - Titanium Dioxide
  - Lithopone (Zinc Sulphide) Partial Substitute TiO2

• Fillers / Extenders
Calcium Carbonates (Calcites)
  - Non-treated Calcium Carbonates
  - Treated Calcium Carbonates

Colour Pigments
Organic and Inorganic pigments
  - Red
  - Yellow
- Synthetic Iron Oxides
- Effect Pigments (Metallic and Pearlescent pigments)
  - Aluminium Paste
  - Gold-, Silver-, Bronce-, Cupper Plated
  - Ultramarine blues

• Metal Soaps
  - Stearates (Zinc Stearate, Calcium Stearate, etc.)

• Plasticizers 
  - Dioctyl Terephtalate (DOTP)
  - Dibuthyl Phtalate (DBP)

• Commodities
  - Epoxidized Soybean Oil
  - Chorinated Paraffin