Concerning the Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food and Feed Industry we are pleased  to be able to offer a wide range of Fillers, Metal Soaps, Vaselins and Other Raw Materials:

Calcium Carbonates
  - Non-treated Calcium Carbonates
  - Treated Calcium Carbonates

Metal Soaps
Magnesium Stearate
Calcium Stearate

Vaselin Solid Snowwhite Pharma
Vaselin Liquid light, medium, heavy Pharma

Acetic Acid Glacial min. 99% or 100% Foodgrade
Ethyl Acetate
- Cod Liver Oil Pharma
- Cod Liver Oil veterinary grade

Glycerin min 99.5% Pharma
- Lactose Monohydrate White Powder Monohydrate 200 mesh Foodgrade
- Lanoline Anhydrous Pharma
- Methyl Parabene Pharma
- Propyl Parabene Pharma
Sorbitol Liquid 70% Pharma
Glucose Liquid 43/45° Be Pharma
(Mono)Propylen Glycol Pharma
- Polyethylene Glycols pharma